Liger Marine Research Team – Certified Divers

A few months ago, I have been chosen to be in a research team, focusing on the marine field. A group of eight students, four boys and girls were very excited to be the chosen and we all are very passionate in studying marine researching study. This will be the first Cambodian team of research divers in the country. On our summer holiday, we’ve been working really hard to study the dive course because we need to know how to dive in order to do research underwater. But, in order to do our research study, we need to have the budget to go to our research site, buying scuba dive gears and equipment to do our research. So we have submitted a grant to a foundation, requested a budget of $15, 610 for our project. And so they have accepted the grant, that means we can do three years of research field in our project. This opportunity was created from the enthusiasm of all of us to protect our marine ecosystems, which will also allow us to follow our passion of science and experience the rigor of a long-term research project.

On the 28th of September, we went to Koh Seh, where our research location is, and we were experienced our first dive. We spent over 5 nights on the island, learning all the skills of scuba diving. Before I went there, I felt really nervous because I thought I’m not going to passed the exam in order to be a certified diver, but I was wrong. My first dive underwater was so tense and excitable and it was very challenging and new but also fun. At the end of our trip, I realize how challenging it was to do skills underwater than taking the exam on paper on things we’ve already know because we have spent our times studying. Breathing underwater is really weird for the first time, and I felt way nervous than I ever felt on anything. Those challenges didn’t stop me from what I want to do so I kept pushing myself and always be reminded that I can do it. However, I am now officially a certified diver and I’m very excited to my research soon. We will be going on the island every month for one weekend for this next three years.

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