Artificial Reef – Year Long Project

Last year, my partner, Venghour and I worked on a project together on an artificial reef designing. What inspired us to choose artificial reef as our project is that we want to protect our Cambodia ocean and involve in action that could possibly bring back the existence of marine life. And we did it! In this project, we have designed two type of artificial reef, one of them has been deployed in Koh Seh, Kep for a year now, and the other one is going to get deployed very soon. We have been monitoring our small reef and we see that it has created some impacts that we’re really proud of. Even though it’s not as big of an impact, but we’re starting from small and slowly growing into reaching our goals. We’ve worked really hard to research, design, deployed, monitored and finally we have written a report on this project.

Click here to read our report on Artificial Reef in Cambodia Project 

Despite the fact that it was a year-long project from last year, we’re not going to stop in the middle of the journey. We’re both going to continue this project with the benefits of being in the Liger Marine Research Team so we could do a deeper scientific monitoring by collecting data and possibly, those data will encourage us to do more studies out of it. 

An updated picture of my artificial reef!

The director of Marine Conservation Cambodia (MCC) posted this video on our artificial reef that was deployed at their site

“So we have a total of 6 structures, placed in different test locations within our 150mx300m area, Under the Pier, close to the reef, and further out. This is a small structure created by the Art Team and deployed together with the Liger Learning Students around 2 months ago. As you can see it is already providing shelter and these artificial habitats give a place for fish to lay their eggs and a place were very small fish fry can develop safely into juveniles and in turn to large adult fish. Creating Habitats and Restoring Keps Ocean. One Step at a time.”

Posted by Paul Ferber on 17 មីនា 2017

Macroeconomic are fascinating!!

In this expertise, we explore macroeconomics which is a bigger concept to economics. We studied many ideas and notions and the most common that talked a lot about is GDP and GNP. While we were learning about those concepts, we also discussed advanced and logic questions that people around the world are questioning. Personally, I really love learning about economics but it is a very hard concept to understand sometimes. I’m very fascinated with the world especially the relationships between countries or regions and by learning about macroeconomics, it has helped me understand a small fraction of it but still got me curious.

Here is the note I took in class period: Macroeconomics Note – Soliday

LigerCast Episode 4

Episode 4 is finally here. This is the closing episode for our 1st Season of LigerCast. We are going to have Summer holiday and we will be making more episode when we are back.

So this episode is talking about Marine Conservation in Cambodia. My role is the producer for this episode. This have been my favorite episode so far.

We went on adventure to an Koh Seh island to study about marine creatures and get to know about an organization that is trying to preserve the marine life in Cambodia. Marine Conservation Cambodia (MCC) is an organization located in Kep. While living on the island, we also get to do a lot of fun stuff.

To know what MCC does and what we have learn from them, please have a listen to Episode 4.