Kampot Writers and Readers Festival 2017

On the 2nd of November, I have participated in an event that took place in Kampot called the Kampot Writers and Readers’ Festival. I have attended this event last year in 2016 but this year main theme of the event was “courage”. There was a writing competition in this event in the same theme and I have entered a short story that I wrote, inspired by a woman story. Visit my Short Story here.

A lot of students have bravely gone on stage and perform their slam poetry to a whole audience at KARMA. Unfortunately, I didn’t do it because I was afraid I’m going to cry after I read my slam poetry since my poem is very emotional.

We also did a poetry workshop with a poet name Andy. It was a three hours workshop and he teaches us about using metaphor in a poem. He as well also gave us another workshop on drama, where we learned how to read with emotions, fluences and every other skill that used to perform well.

Overall, I think this a very fun and experiential event but I would also think that it would have been a lot more exciting and fun if the event was more organized than this year.

I made a short video about this trip: Watch is Here!

Visit the Kampot Readers and Writers Site 

Painting a big mural.
The poetry workshop!
Street Art!

Youth With Impact – Event

On the 12th of September, 2017, I attended an event with my fellow students at Impact Hub. We went there and listened to speakers who shared insight about their dreams, goals and career paths.

SievPhin – independent filmmaker and founder of PEACE Films –
Passion and Film Career
Cheav Vitak – Public Relations head of Humanity Helping Hands- Dream to Reality
Thon Thavry – Author of “A Proper Woman” – Behind the Scenes of a Dream
Rithy LomorKesor – Smallworld Smallband ក្រុមតូច Vocalist – Ban Te
Prumsodun Ok – Founding Artistic Director, Prumsodun Ok & NATYARASA & TED

Those speakers inspired me a lot. It got me thinking about my future and my dreams of who I want to be. I think those people are really making positive impacts to our country and it is a great model for our new generation.

ASEAN Astronomy Camp 2017

On the 24th of January 2017, I got the greatest opportunity ever to attend the ASEAN Astronomy Camp 2017 that was held in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I got this opportunity because in November, I enter this competition in order to get this amazing experience. Unfortunately, I have to travel abroad alone for the first time without any of my friend nor teacher and I was the only one represent Liger. But there were also some of the other Cambodian students who came from different schools and so I have to travel with them and it was really fun and I feel more comfortable knowing that there’s other people I can travel with.

So ASEAN Astronomy Camp is an event organize by NARIT (National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand) public organization. The Camp welcomed 37 high-school students and 9 teachers from a wide range of schools across Southeast Asia. It comprises of 7 national representatives from Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, The Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam respectively. I represent Cambodia, obviously and there were 10 other Cambodian students too. So the idea of this camp was to introduce students to the science of Astronomy, technology and also give the students the greatest opportunity to experience with the reality.

This camp was held for 4 days, each and everyday is always busy. There were always loads of fun activities and loads of exciting presentation from scientist, astronomers and telescope experts. We were divided into 5 groups and we were always worked with the group for the rest of the camp. There are 5 big activities which were:

1. Make a sextant – We got to listen to a scientist and he talk about the stars attitude and directions of stars. And then he instructed us on how to make a handmade sextant so that we can use our sextant to measure stars attitude at night when we go star gazing.

2. Planet Walk – We have another talk from another scientist to present us about our solar system. Then we start our activity by calculating the distance between each planet (example from Earth to the sun) with a demonstration model.

3. Making a comet – This is my personal favorite activity because we got to make our own model comet using real equipment and ingredient.

4. Solar observation – For this activity, we use the reflecting telescope to see the sun. If we put a paper through the reflecting telescope, it will actually burn the paper because the sunlight is really strong. In order to observe the sun, we need to put a paper, not too close to the telescope, and then we will see some dotting point on it.

5. Using Dobsonian Telescope – The most challenging activity. We got to listen to a real telescope experts and he told us how the telescope works and different function of it. We then learn how to use the telescope with help from experts but at night, we were using the telescope at night to see the stars without helps from experts at all. It was challenging because the function of the telescope is complicated.

Talking about stargazing at night and in the morning was fabulously. First time in my life that I got to identify stars by naked eyes and also looking at different planets, stars, constellation, galaxies through strong telescope. And first time I got to experience with telescope too. It was so cold up on the mountain but I still make it through because I was curious and I want to talk and learn from the astronomers, scientists and everyone who’s there with me.

My first impression for this event was getting to exchange culture with other people from Asia that participate in the event. I’m so delightful to make friends with them and there’s nothing better than creating a new friendly relationship with other people. These students that join the event are talented and smart and very interesting to communicate with because of their cultures. The food in Thailand are so spicy but so delicious. I miss the food there a lot because whenever I think of it, it makes me hungry.

Talking about the other 10 Cambodian students that went with me, they’re very intelligent too. At first I was scared traveling with them because they all know each other and I’m left alone knowing no one. But it turn out that they’re very pleasure to be with, very kind, generous and funny for sure. I’m so pleased to be friends with them and I hope we will still be connected in the future or maybe we will go back to the camp next year together.

What I notice from this camp was, most of the people that join the ACC events are very passionate about astronomy and now I can see why they like to learn and explore the topic of astronomy because the idea of astronomy is very fascinating. It makes people wonder and want to discover more and more about it and it’ll never end.

This has been one of the best experience that I’ve got in life so far.

ASEAN Astronomy Camp Website

NARIT ASEAN Astronomy Camp 2017 Video

Impact Stroll – Event

On the 20th of November, 2016, I get to attend an event organize by Impact Hub called Impact Stroll. Impact Stroll event purpose is tour students around Phnom Penh to see different Entrepreneurship and study from them. Eight of the Liger students attend the event. We start the event around 9 a.m in the morning until 5 p.m in the evening. We walk around Phnom Penh to see five different business. I forget the names of their business already. Most of the business that we went to are Eco-friendly business.
Anyway, the event was really fun. As usual, I learn a lot from those business man and got a lot of good advice.

Eco-prenuer on Climate Change in Cambodia Events

On Saturday, 29th of October, 8 students including me and a teacher went to this event in Phnom Penh. This event was organized by Impact Hub. This event was held for 4 hours total.

In this event, we went to listen to eight amazing presentation/company, talking about their product that can change Climate Change in Cambodia. But before that, we did a lot of networking. We also divided into groups to discuss ideas and the problem of climate change in Cambodia. 

Kampot Writers Readers Festival – 2016

On the 3rd of November 2016, twelve of our Liger students including me, attend an event in Kampot called Kampot Writers and Readers Festival.

Kampot Writers & Readers Festival (KWRF) is held annually in November in Kampot, Cambodia. The KWRF takes place in over 36 venues around Kampot, Kep and Phnom Penh, featuring a mixture of ticketed and free events, all upholding the festival’s objectives.
Literacy & Education
Culture & History
Global Issues
Community The KWRF is a major project of the not-for-profit foundation Kampot Arts & Music Association (KAMA). The idea for a Kampot Writers Festival was conceived of by Julien Poulson in consultation with Ubud Writers & Readers Festival founder Janet de Neefe, and in Kampot with Wayne McCallum as co founder, as a vision to bring good will, promote literacy and share stories in Cambodia.Kampot Writers & Readers Festival has quickly become Cambodia’s largest and most renowned cultural and literary event. The mission of Kampot Writers & Readers Festival is to create a well-programmed international festival that acts locally, thinks globally, explores extraordinary stories, promotes literacy, emerging writers, brave voices, bold ideas and global issues.The successful launch of our 2015 debut amply demonstrated the concept of bringing together Cambodian and international writers on a shared stage in a vibrant and celebrated way – creating a space for conversation and connection across cultural divides, vastly different backgrounds and experience levels.
KWRF 2016
The 2016 Kampot Writers & Readers Festival explores themes of ‘Peace, Freedom, and Prosperity’ (Santiphap, Seripheap, Pheap Roungrueng) and marks the 25th anniversary of the Paris Peace Accords. The Paris Peace Accords were signed on October 23, 1991 and marked the official end of the Cambodian–Vietnamese War.
This year’s festival take place in Kampot, Cambodia, from 3-6 November with a final closing event in Phnom Penh on Monday 7 at The Exchange.

After going to the event, I’ve learn and experience a lot of things. I obviously didn’t go to all the venues but at least most of the venues that I went to are really educated. Some of the themes that I went to were also related to what I learn currently and I thought that was really helpful. My favorite theme out of the event was the Fairy Tales. The theme was about imagining about the one of the fairy tales and we get to change the story of the fairy tales by writing and drawing. At the end we get to share our story and it was quite funny at the end. At the end of our last day, we get to go on a boat cruise along the Kampot river side and listening to a book presentation from Laura Jean McKay, the author of the book call Holiday In Cambodia. We also get to see fireflies and it was really beautiful. At that point, some of our Liger students got an opportunity to presents to all the people on the cruise about their book, Wildlife In Cambodia.

Basically, in this event I get to network with a lot of people. I’m proud of myself and all the people that went with me because I feel like we take a lot of opportunity in this event, we ask questions we answers questions and it was really amazed. I hope to join this event again next year.

I also took some pictures and videos in the event and I’ve created a short video about it.
Have a look at the video.

Visit the Kampot Writers Website.

International Coastal Cleanup – 2016

On the 17th of September, 28 of the Liger students and around 10 foreigner from different country join us to do beach cleanup at Kep. Nilroth and I have organize this event to make it possible for everybody to participate and get to actually go and do the action. This event happen all around the world and Cambodia never participate. So we spend half of the morning and half of the afternoon picking up rubbish at different two locations at the coast of Kep beach. When we pick up the rubbish, we divide people in to small groups. Those small groups have a specific type of rubbish to pick up so it make the collecting data easier. Speaking of data, we also collect data so we can put it in the Ocean Conservancy website and it’ll show that we’re the first ever Cambodian group to participate in this event, International Coastal Cleanup. We collect a total of 85 trash bags for the two locations.

I really join doing this because it really help the environment and I really do care about environment around me and people in the community. I was proud of myself because my group is the first ever Cambodian to participate. I was exciting that MCC (Marine Conservation Cambodia) staff come and join us too and they were all foreigner. It was a marvelous time and I hope to join again next year.

Here is our data for the different location:
Crap Market


Kingdom Of Wow – Talent Shows

This is event that 4 of our Liger students organize this event. This is a talent shows event. This events happen at International School Phnom Penh (ISPP). It happen on Saturday 4th of June, 2016 from 2:00 p.m – 5:00 p.m. This events open to all the people around Cambodia from age under 18. Some of our Liger students join the events, including me. I show my singing talent. There are a lot of talent was shown such as, Hip Hop, traditional dance, magic, martial arts, singing, band. Most of the people that I’ve seen in the events was kids. They are very cute and very talented. The 1st place of singing categories was a boy age 10. All the audience loved him. His voice is amazing and everyone was just so impress.
The award for the winners is a trophy made out of 3D printer design by a student at Liger name Menghouth. Menghouth is a really passionate student about 3D design and he was told to make a lot of trophies for many events.
I didn’t win but at least I’ve shown my talent. I was a really fun experience for me. I hope that this events will happen again next year.