How I Changed Cambodia 2014-2015

When I started to learn at Liger Learning Center I feel like my country have a lot of problem. For example: Rubbish, Education, Money, Economic and so on. Now Cambodia is a developed country but have some problem that the ministry not thinking about. How ever Cambodia have beautiful city (Phnom Penh) and Angkor Wat which is one of the famous temple in Cambodia.

The problem that I really worried is education, especially the rural people. Cambodia don’t really have a good education which is why there are so many people don’t have a good job, communicate, living and so on. Not just all of those reason there are such of many reason that make Cambodia got poor. Some of the kids not allow to go to school because of their parents. Why would any parent not allow their kids to go to school? Well, there are abundant of reasons that the parent not allow their kids to go to study. One of the main reason of all is money. Every people in the world need money. Money is just a piece of paper but it have a lot powerfull which is why everyone need it. Some of the family don’t have ability to send their kids to go to school, but they still wanted their kids to go to school to have a better future. Other family do not want their kids to go to school at all because they want the kids to work and get money for them. That so sad for those kids that didn’t have the chance to go to school. How ever this still happen every day that is why I want to change Cambodia!!!

There are many solution that the ministry of the education can do, but they couldn’t make it happens because there are abundant of education problem spreading around Cambodia, especially rural village. Well, one of my idea for trying to change the education in Cambodia for now is study. For now I can’t do anything for Cambodia because I am too little to solve the problem, but I only have an idea. My idea is to create an organization that working with parents of the kids and explain them how important is education and how powerful education can make our country get poor. I know that there are many organization that trying to help education in Cambodia and it not work. Although This is just my idea. Maybe in the future the education in Cambodia will increase.
For now I can change my country by Liger Learning Center.

Liger Learning Center is the international school that help me. When the first time I come to Liger I was really proud of myself that I can come to learn in Liger. In Liger I have learn many cool things that I haven’t study in goverment school. There are so many subject (ex:literacy, math, and exploration) that Liger has invented for student to study. Liger goal is want student to develope Cambodia. For now I can change Cambodia by Liger. Why Liger? Like I said, Liger have many subject for students to learn and one of the subject that can change Cambodia is Exploration. We learn Exploration for 2 hours per day. There are so many Exploration that we have learn (ex: Animal, Economics, Entrepenur) and it really help us to learn new thing. For example animal guide is going to make a book about the animal in Cambodia and it really help people because they can study from the book and learn about the animal in Cambodia.

Entrepreneurship Description

What I learn is
– How to start a business
– What is the big challege in business: The challenge for me is hard to contact with other people and          think about the new product that we could make.
– How do we work in team
– Being brave with talking and contact with other business man.
The term that I think it important is
Resilience: I chosse this term because it the most important term and I want my self to be working        never stop keep trying and trying all the time. This is the most favarite term for me.
Adaptable: I choose this term because it always help me to be chaging everything bad around me.         Example: Hongly is the member in my team and he always make me really angry but i need to be           adptable of him.
Proactive: This one is important too! because In business I need to be work and work and don’t wait     for something to come to me.
Validation: I chosse this one because, When I sell my product I need to validat my product to the           custumer.
Iteration: This term is important for me because in my team we change a lot of product and we also       learn the mistake from the old product. That why I chosse this.
Intergrity: I chosse this one because in business we need to be intergirty. Example. You are a               business man and you lie your customer that your product is so good. But the truth is your product is       bad and it not work.

If I have another entrepreneurship I will still continue my product because I like it.
I will change the new design so it can bend and easy to use. The team I think I
chosse the same team. I will sell it by contact some more people like business
My group made a tablet stand, which is really helpful.


\ This is the picture of my product.
This is the picture caption in front with the tablet.










This the picture of the 3D pinter











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Cambodia Tropical Forest Ecology Description

Exploration Name: Cambodia Tropical Forest Ecology (Eco 4)

Date: August 13 – October 03

Number of student: 12

Essential Questions:

  1. How are organisms and the non-living environment interconnected in the world around us?
  2. What is the value of TROPICAL FOREST for Cambodia?
  3. How do humans IMPACT tropical ecosystems in Cambodia?
  4. How can we use our knowledge about ECOLOGY to help improve Cambodia?


Kong Kong ( 1 week)

Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center  (1 day)


In Cambodia Tropical Forest Ecology we studied about the Ecosystems in Cambodia and all around the world. We also learned about the many Ecological Relationships in  ecosystems.

In this exploration we want to change Cambodia by giving Cambodian people the knowledge about the forest and the animals in Cambodia from our experience. We also want to protect the animals in Cambodia from the hunter also to help save the endangered animals.

Our exploration took a trip to Koh Kong to learn more about forest in Koh Kong. When we were there we went into the forest and we slept at the campsite.On our trip we walked in the forest, swam at the waterfall and slept in the forest. We also went to Mangrove forest and then we came back to Liger. We also took a trip to Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center to learn about the siamese crocodile and the moon bear and sun bear. At there we met a lot of people from Free The Bears and Flora Fauna International and they taught us about the animals in the zoo.

In the classroom we learned a lot of things and we worked on projects in small groups.   Our projects were about Ecological Relationships, different biomes around the world, Food Web in Koh Kong, Makey Makey Project, and Science Museum Blog. Our highlights are to understand how important the plants and animal are. Also to know about different organizations that help the animals and to understand clearly about their goal and how can they help Cambodia.

IMG_3925 (800x533)
This picture was at the wood school
IMG_4183 (800x533)
This picture was when we are rode the boat to Chi-Phat
IMG_4463 (800x533)
In the morning we went to see the bird at the O’malu waterfall
IMG_4560 (800x533)
This picture was when we were in the grassland
IMG_4610 (800x533) (800x533)
We saw this plants when we were at grassland