Eco-prenuer on Climate Change in Cambodia Events

On Saturday, 29th of October, 8 students including me and a teacher went to this event in Phnom Penh. This event was organized by Impact Hub. This event was held for 4 hours total.

In this event, we went to listen to eight amazing presentation/company, talking about their product that can change Climate Change in Cambodia. But before that, we did a lot of networking. We also divided into groups to discuss ideas and the problem of climate change in Cambodia. 

Kingdom Of Wow – Talent Shows

This is event that 4 of our Liger students organize this event. This is a talent shows event. This events happen at International School Phnom Penh (ISPP). It happen on Saturday 4th of June, 2016 from 2:00 p.m – 5:00 p.m. This events open to all the people around Cambodia from age under 18. Some of our Liger students join the events, including me. I show my singing talent. There are a lot of talent was shown such as, Hip Hop, traditional dance, magic, martial arts, singing, band. Most of the people that I’ve seen in the events was kids. They are very cute and very talented. The 1st place of singing categories was a boy age 10. All the audience loved him. His voice is amazing and everyone was just so impress.
The award for the winners is a trophy made out of 3D printer design by a student at Liger name Menghouth. Menghouth is a really passionate student about 3D design and he was told to make a lot of trophies for many events.
I didn’t win but at least I’ve shown my talent. I was a really fun experience for me. I hope that this events will happen again next year.

Khan Academy – Math

Each and every year, math is start to get harder and harder. This year we use one educational website call Khan Academy. We use this website to learn math and practice our math. This website is really helpful because we can have an extra lesson beside class lesson. We have use this website a lot recently this year. There are different subjects of math, geometry, algebra, trigonometry and others. And there’s also a lot of others project related to physics, chemistry, science.

Filming Experience


I use to really hate editing videos and other stuff. But this year I’ve given myself a lot of challenge. I started to learn to edit and started to like it and get use to it. I start of with Audacity, which is working on podcast. Then I bring it to another level, which is filming. My first official film is the Sibling Love Story, short film. This film is suppose to be compete in the film festival, but unfortunately my film can’t make it in the Phnom Penh Youth Film Festival (PPYFF). It was a big fail for me. I was so upset and frustrated that time. But I said to my self that this time I fail but I will not fail in the future anymore . So, I started to push myself to make videos and short films. I started to have a lot of interesting ideas. I’m also a really big fan of YouTube I always watch interesting videos and short film and whenever I watch those videos, there’s always different ideas coming into my head. I’ve already made 8 videos and short films so far. Each videos and short film there’s always a story behind it.

There’s always challenge and frustration when ever I produce the videos.
Here are my challenges:
1. Writing Script: Writing script is a lot of frustration and confusion. For me, it’s very easy to start a story but it’s really hard to end because the ending always need to relate to the beginning.
2. Actors: It’s so hard for me to pick actors and actresses. I’m shooting at school so I have to use my friends as the actors and actress. Also, My friends are not the expert of acting so sometime it’s really hard for them to act. Some of them are shy, some are overreacting and I just can’t control them.
3. Editing: I’m currently a basic editor. All of my films that I created are all basic editing. I really want my video to be a good quality video but it’s hard and it take a ton of time.

All of my films that I created, I put them in my YouTube channel call That’sMeSoliday. I’m not really interesting to get subscriber on my channel but all I want is viewers because I want people around the world to see all of my creative films. Another channel that I created is to put the lip sync videos that I made with the students. The lip sync videos was defenietly the funniest videos I made.

What I hope in the future is that, I want at least one of my films to be live to my whole Country. It can be on TV. I just want everyone to see my films and also to teach them. I want to create films that teach people and to get them to know new things. By that I mean not just films, it can be a creative video, a funny video, a DIY, or it can be a music video.

Watch all the films that I made


The Lips Sync.

LigerCast Episode 4

Episode 4 is finally here. This is the closing episode for our 1st Season of LigerCast. We are going to have Summer holiday and we will be making more episode when we are back.

So this episode is talking about Marine Conservation in Cambodia. My role is the producer for this episode. This have been my favorite episode so far.

We went on adventure to an Koh Seh island to study about marine creatures and get to know about an organization that is trying to preserve the marine life in Cambodia. Marine Conservation Cambodia (MCC) is an organization located in Kep. While living on the island, we also get to do a lot of fun stuff.

To know what MCC does and what we have learn from them, please have a listen to Episode 4.

How I Changed Cambodia 2015-2016

This year have been the greatest year in Liger. I have improve a lot in this year. Especially in Exploration, and Expertise. There’s been a lot of new and interesting topics and ideas that I’ve learn this year. And there’s also things that I really proud of myself because I’ve been a part of changing Cambodia which is one of the Liger missions, is to create positive change in Cambodia.

Hidden Voices was the first exploration that I did at the beginning of the year. Hidden Voices was an exploration that trying to preserved old Cambodia songs. This exploration has been a part of changing Cambodia because we were trying to research Cambodia old songs, and we want the new generation to know that songs, so we not lose any of our old Cambodia songs. We were trying to put those songs aloud so people in the whole country can hear it. In this exploration we went to many different places to ask people, especially the elders because they know more songs. At the end of the exploration we also created a podcast, talking about Cambodia old songs.

Marine Conservation in Cambodia was the third round exploration. I personally really like this exploration because this exploration give me a lot of, fun, new, interest, and challenge. This exploration is also apart of changing Cambodia, but the result didn’t come out well as we thought but we did try our best. We went to Koh Seh for nearly a week studying about marine life and also getting to know what MCC does. It was a really interesting thing to know because Cambodia marine is now in a great danger
because of illegal fishing method. In class our group were working on a proposal about Algae Alternative Livelihood for Fisherman. The reason we do this proposal because we think fisherman has no choice other than fish to support their family. So we come up with this Alternative. We want to continue this project for the next whole year because we want to try to change the fisherman livelihood.
This ideas really benefit MCC and Liger because is trying to protect Cambodia marine and our Liger mission to make positive change in Cambodia.

Chili Sauce Business was the last round of exploration. It was the most interesting and challenging one. In this exploration we learn about business and also we are making Chili Sauce to sell. In the Chili sauce business, my role is the financial. We were trying to sell this Sauce out because our sauce is a premium ingredients sauce. We use Cambodian ingredients to make this sauce. While making the sauce we have a lot issues. As I’m one of the financial team, we predict and calculate our profit, and it didn’t turn out as we thought it would be. We were hoping that we can sell our chili sauce to all Cambodians, but we couldn’t afford. At least we try our best and I’m also really proud of myself and my team because we just make a Cambodians Sauce.

Podcast has been one of the most interesting project this year. It’s the first year that we start to make our own podcast serial. We have created 4 episodes for this year. All of the episodes topic is related to Cambodia. We created a website, so other people can listen to our podcast. We hope that our podcast can be heard to all Cambodians and we hope this podcast serial will continue to the next next year.

This year there’s a competition that invent by Samdech Hun Sen, Cambodian Prime Minister. The competition is meant to all the Cambodians to show their work example, video, drawing, poem and others that is related to Cambodia. So I join the competition and I put my art work that I did with my friend. The art work talking about the past of Cambodia and the future of Cambodia. I didn’t won the competition but at least I did show it to Cambodia people to see and just have a look at it. Also this competition will carry on in the future, so I will put new project that I do that are related to Cambodia to show everyone.

As I say, This year is incredible. So for the next year I would to see more positive changes. Next year, my goal is to at least have some sort of projects that I do either alone or in team to show live to Cambodians in TV. Example that I can think of right now is, films.

Sharation Exploration Round 4

On the 30th March from 9:00 am to 11:00 am we have sharation round 4. There are 6 group. My group is the Spiritualism in Cambodia. Luckily we have finished our podcast in time so we can let other people listen to our podcast. There’s a lot of high school teacher came from Phnom Penh and they really impressed on our project. Some of them share ideas and there opinion and some of them have a lot of questions to ask. It was a really great time to share.


Happy Khmer New Year

Happy Khmer New Year!
This is our country traditional celebration. We celebrate this every year. It happen in April 13th, 14th, and 15th. This is a three days celebration and each days there are different activities and different celebration. We usually go to pagoda to give food to the monk and we pray to our ancestor. At house we always decorate because we believe that it’s new year so we want everything to be new. We believe that there are angles for every year and there is a celebration that there are new angles coming and switch with the old angle. So at home we put food, traditional cookies, and others to celebrate for the new angles and also to pray for the ancestor. When we go to pagoda we always wear traditional clothes. When all of our family members come together we always play traditional games and sometime we do our traditional dance.

Cambodia traditional cloth
Cambodia traditional cloth
the praying part
the praying part
traditional dessert
traditional dessert
traditional game
traditional game

Reading Group – Cabin Fever

In class we have a reading group reading different book in each group. I’m reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever (book by Jeff Kinney). There are a total of 4 people in my group reading this book. When we read this book, we read together with literacy teacher (Caroline). We do this reading group because it can improve our pronunciation, understanding of the story, and get to learn new vocabulary. Before we read together we always do a pre-read individually because we need to find new vocabulary then we put it in the group document (says and means). When we come and read together, our literacy teacher always make sure that we all understand the story so she would always ask us question about the book and also she explain new us new vocab. We always have quiz for every chapter or pages.


Click here to look at all the new vocab that I learn!

Unusual Spiritualism in Cambodia

This is a Create Your Own Exploration (CYOE). This exploration we decided to research on the spiritualism in Cambodia like the belief about the superstition and others. We went on trip to four different provinces, interviewed people about their belief. We went to Kampong Cham, Kampong Speu, Kampot, and Kep. Some of them share about their ghost story that they have meet spirits before.

In this exploration we have created a podcast (episode 3) talking about spiritual in Cambodia. This is the topic that I find fascinating because Cambodia have a lot of beliefs about spirits and ghost.

There are three segment in this podcast. The first segment talked about the history of the belief, the second segment talked about ghost story that we collected from our interviewee and the third segment talked about the future of the belief.

Listen to the podcast to know more about the belief in Cambodia.
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