AP Statistics is HARD!

This year in math class, I have taken and accept the challenge to learn not just something new but something that is above my level. For this past few months, I’ve been taking an AP course, AP Statistics which is a college level course, provided by the college board. The resources that we use to help us with our deeper understanding in this course are two textbooks and many online resources provided by our teacher, Jeff. The two textbooks are The Practice Of Statistics, and the Barron’s AP Statistics book, and most of the concepts that we learned are mainly from The Practice Of Statistics textbook. I have to be honest, this course has been very challenging for me even though I have put double effort into this, both in class and outside of class. So far, I have got to chapter 4 which talks about the two-way table data and categorical data. It is quickly starting to get more challenging as we move on.

Course Details

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the major concepts and tools for collecting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data. Students are exposed to four broad conceptual themes:

  • Exploring Data: Describing patterns and departures from patterns
  • Sampling and Experimentation: Planning and conducting a study
  • Anticipating Patterns: Exploring random phenomena using probability and simulation
  • Statistical Inference: Estimating population parameters and testing hypotheses

Khan Academy – Math

Each and every year, math is start to get harder and harder. This year we use one educational website call Khan Academy. We use this website to learn math and practice our math. This website is really helpful because we can have an extra lesson beside class lesson. We have use this website a lot recently this year. There are different subjects of math, geometry, algebra, trigonometry and others. And there’s also a lot of others project related to physics, chemistry, science.